Lover’s Den

Dante Alighieri’s Paradise. Illustrated by Gustave Doré

A bright sun radiates and shines, warming their skin as they walk on the sand, hand in hand. Bare feet, rhythmic steps, in tune with each other, watching the waves dance and sing a melodic tune that plays God’s symphony.

Eros looks at Amora as she looks out to the horizon, the endless tranquil horizon. Curious thoughts pass through his mind. What is she thinking about so deep in her thoughts? What is so important to her? Is she not happy with all the love I give her? What more could anybody want besides the full devotion of a loved one?

Amora smiles, sensing his attention on her, turns around and looks at him. He smiles at her beautiful face; their hearts smile along. Enamored by his beauty, she kisses the lips, decorating his entire face in her loving kisses. Eros seizes her pulling her close, squeezing her body against his and giving her the longest kiss. In love, they smile and continue walking down the ocean shore.

Amora looks at Eros, looking out into the distance, curious thoughts pass through her head. What is my love thinking about? Is there anyone else in his heart besides me? Why is he so distant sometimes? Can’t he see how much I love him? He looks at her before she finishes her thought, sweeps her, lifting her up, and spins her with the music in the air. She runs to the water as he puts her down, looking back at Eros, beckoning his call.

The water caresses her feet, sending cold chills to her spine. Eros runs after Amora in a chase, splashing through the water in desperate anticipation—running and playing, so free and wild, smiling and laughing, in each other’s hearts. Lost in a space without limits or walls, recreating the dream in their souls of their first encounter. Without hesitation, he charges to her, capturing her in a frenzy, forcing her to the ground, pinning her down.

The waves wash over them, bathing their clothes and skin in cool caresses. The sun sets in her hair, shimmering rays reflect off her face. He kisses her neck, her chest, hearing the pounding of her heart screaming the sounds of her love that resonate through his lips into his heart.

Engulfed in warmth and wetness, their bodies vibrate to each other’s sounds. He glimpses at her dreamy face, off in a distant place. He wonders why she’s in a daze, what mazes her face, just as she looks at his face, “I love you” she says. “I love you” he says, embracing each other as the earth embraces them in their love.

The sounds of those three magical words set their bodies into a symphony of love, drifting them into God’s aria, harmonizing endless musical masterpieces.


© 2013 Dreams of Love



You often shine through the sunset,
I see you through the music
I feel you look at me from the light of the moon
you light up my path,
sometimes you confuse me.

You are so close.
now I know
Yes, I know.

Why did you pick me?
had I always known?
did I want it, really bad?
all is God,




CREDITS: Dolce & Gabbana, Mariano Vivanco, Giampaolo Sgura


Children are the most amazing creatures.
Come about to explore, to play the game,


so free and playful
are still children when they die.

In old age
they are still young
still the same beings
going back to where they came from
for another beginning,
another chance
to quest for the eternal freedom
from bondage of the cycles of life and death.


Life’s Journey


My mind has become boggled of itself.
It has been thinking for many years now.
Encountered so many others, in 22 years, it has lost itself through the journey.

It has traveled many roads.
Many times been pulled into another world.
It’s alright,
I rationalized.

the clouds darkened.
they blackened.
The sun was gone, happiness was nowhere to be found.

The dead arose,
the wolves howled, looking for the light of the moon.
The world had caved me in.


Who put the distance between me and my world?

There is a price to pay
for the lessons we learn
and who we become.
which one is more expensive?

here you see it with your eyes,
through your mind.

It passes you by everyday,
still waiting for something,
yet not knowing what.

And after life,
what you have left is

The essence.


The enigma of the human condition

Mimicking each other, even in our sleep, awake, sleepwalking down the road to death, trans formed, some cutting in front, some leaving to the end of the line.
Running desperately for the next red light, to make a stop and take a rest, not knowing what the rest really means. We never stop, it never ceases. Thank God for the accidents, disasters and misfortunes, only he can intervene and shine the light in our eyes.
Layers and layers of shit, piled on top of each other, but there’s no escaping the stink, not even in our wildest dreams.


My Man


Dine me, wine me, caress me,
treat me like a queen,
shower me with compliments,
tell me there’s no one like me,
tell me I’m your woman,
your one and only woman,
your Queen
your Goddess,
your ecstasy,
lavish me in my femininity.
Wanting so desperately to please my Man,
My Hero, my Master, my God.
Keep him coming for more,
keep him wanting and needing me more.

©2013 Dreams of Love

God and the Devil


“Music isn’t just something that comforts or distracts us, it goes beyond that – it’s an ideology.  You can judge people by the kind of music they listen to.”
~ Paulo Coelho, The Witch of Portobello


“Man needs what’s worst in him in order to achieve what’s best in him.”
~ Paulo Coelho, The Devil and Miss Prym 

Images ©The Witch of Portobello.
Paulo Coelho’s Experimental Film The Witch of Portobello, based on his best-selling book of the same name.

Your Words


With the sound of the truth, or was it anger?
it matters not, right now!
You shattered my heart into a million pieces.

Those words, that weapon
they’re playing in my head, again and again.

Tell me, did you mean it, or was it just anger?
It matters for tomorrow.
But today, the deed is done.
The stab in my heart, you can’t take it back, it can’t be undone.

Now, only time is my best friend.
Only time can heal me now.


Lady Bug

It was a warm sunny day in my backyard when I noticed a ladybug in my pool. I stepped inside and brought ladybug out of the water.

We, ladybug and I, symbiosed for quite a while. She tried to fly away, but she could not.

She tried to extend her wings, but her wing covers, the elytra, were stuck because they were wet and she tried to fly away, but could not.

She crawled on my hand for some time, then tried again to lift her elytra, but she could not. Poor ladybug, I could feel her frustration.

Then, after numerous attempts, she finally lifted her black dotted, red elytra. Oh I was so happy!

Next, she tried to extend her wings, but she could not.

The wings under the elytra are ever so delicate and thin. Poor lady bug! Now I felt the struggle escalate; her wings were crumpled and stuck together. She tried and tried, but still she could not. I was suffering with her.

She kept exerting pressure, but the wet wings would not budge, they were crumpled in a ball. She kept exerting pressure and more pressure, until eventually I started to see the ball open up, one small increment at a time. Her wings would open up, dry a little. As they did, it looked as if they were completely broken. I thought, poor ladybug, she cannot fly ever again.

But after many, many repetitions and attempts, finally she was able to fully extend her wings. Oh how beautiful they looked, so delicate, tiny, thin and alive, and I could feel how relieved she was, stretching in victory and stretching them wide.

She crawled forward in an attempt to fly off, but she could not.

On the next attempt though, she flew off my finger. But sweet little ladybug could not fly too far and fell right back into the pool, in the same spot I had found her.

Oh ladybug made me laugh and almost cry. I picked her back up again, she crawled out of the pool and onto my hand. There we were again, back to square one. I put lady bug down on the floor next to me, as I wanted to get to reading Brida by Paulo Coelho.

After a short while, I looked down to see if lady bug was still there, I did not see her. She must have flown away. Her destiny, I do not know, maybe she was destined to stay in the pool, maybe she fell back in the pool again, or maybe she flew off to where she was going before I found her in the pool. I would like to think she flew off far and away.

© 2009