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Recently, a Lawyer read my book, Dreams of Love, and had some questions, and was confused about a few things. What stood out to me from his comments was about the story Hot Air Balloon. He specifically said: “what the hell is going through the lady’s mind when she gets this guy to actually take her on a balloon ride based on essentially a promissory note of sex in the air, and then flip suddenly like she did?”

Well, my response? Guys do it all the time. They make promises and speak lies just to get what they want, and then act like what they said meant nothing; hot air! Hence, the title of the story.

In the story, when she is turning him down, the guy says “we will never get this chance again.” Once he sees that he cannot change her mind, he says “we’ll have to take this ride again.” It is interesting that he did not notice that, but was critical of the female.

We all know guys do it all the time, so they should respect it when girls do it! Although she did not do it on purpose. She did want to be close to him, she was attracted to him, and yes she does love sex, but she did not feel comfortable going that far, so quickly. A man must be able to respect that, bottom line!

The lawyer said, “men are dogs, women shouldn’t play like that”. Well let me tell you, men are NOT dogs. They should learn self control. This is the age old patriarchal excuse for men in our society. It is time to change. You men are Not dogs, you are honorable human beings, as are women.

I am not saying it is ideal to play with words like that, this is just to make a point. As the lawyer said, men don’t understand women, well that is because there isn’t any communication. With that mentality; preconceived expectations, there isn’t any room for open, respectful and comfortable communication.

Let us not indulge in the idea that men are from mars and women are from venus. Let’s make a real effort to improve our relationships, by communicating to understand, and not for advancing our personal agendas.

Dreams of Love is available in paperback and ebook: Dreams of Love

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