Lemon Water. Ouch!

So Healthy… Or is it?

Lemon water, it is the new -in- thing, the latest health craze. Everyone is doing it. The internet is full of posts about the health benefits of lemon water. Is it really good for you? Of course! Lemons are a miracle fruit; they cleanse the body, brighten and moisturize the skin, and are good for a myriad of other reasons. But to sip on lemon water, soaking your teeth in acid all day long? Ouch!

Lemons are highly acidic. The acidity of the fruit eats away the outer enamel layer of our teeth, making the enamel porous, which in turn causes tooth sensitivity. It also makes it easier for cavity formation. If you already have sensitive areas, those will definitely become more sensitive.

I suggest substituting the lemon with cucumbers, or mint or basil leaves. All three are just as refreshing, and have great health benefits of their own. The mint will also give you a fresh breath.

Should you eliminate lemons completely? Definitely Not! Use a straw when drinking acidic juices if you already have sensitive teeth. Do not sip on them for long periods of time. And Always drink a sip of water afterwards to wash away the acid from the tooth surfaces.

Great accomplishments occur little by little, over time.

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