Happy Halloween 2015

pumpkin head
I love this time of the year, when night falls early, the darkness prevails and the trees sway to the dance of the wind as the leaves fall, tumbling down.
I love the cool breeze, painting the wildest storms with tranquility.
I love its chilling fickle nature, not knowing when it will swirl and roll and spook again.
I love its weight pulling me down deep into the dark where even the most ghoulish creatures are a welcome stay.

Happy All Hallows’ Eve!

Hocus Pocus

What are you up to? 

So what have I been up to?
I’ve got something cooking in the oven, but can’t say what just yet. 
It’s like being pregnant, where you don’t want to tell anyone anything for at least a few months, until its form is clearly defined. 
So when the time comes, I shall share. 
For now,
I wanted to share,
A word to embrace,
Your mind and your thoughts
In a bubble of bliss,
A cuddle and a kiss
From one heart 
To another. 

Lemon Water. Ouch!

So Healthy… Or is it?

Water with Lemon

Lemon water, it is the new -in- thing, the latest health craze. Everyone is doing it. The internet is full of posts about the health benefits of lemon water. Is it really good for you? Of course! Lemons are a miracle fruit; they cleanse the body, brighten and moisturize the skin, and are good for a myriad of other reasons. But to sip on lemon water, soaking your teeth in acid all day long? Ouch!

Lemons are highly acidic. The acidity of the fruit eats away the outer enamel layer of our teeth, making the enamel porous, which in turn causes tooth sensitivity. It also makes it easier for cavity formation. If you already have sensitive areas, those will definitely become more sensitive.

I suggest substituting the lemon with cucumbers, or mint or basil leaves. All three are just as refreshing, and have great health benefits of their own. The mint will also give you a fresh breath.

Should you eliminate lemons completely? Definitely Not! Use a straw when drinking acidic juices if you already have sensitive teeth. Do not sip on them for long periods of time. And Always drink a sip of water afterwards to wash away the acid from the tooth surfaces.

Great accomplishments occur little by little, over time.

Mortal Adventure

Driving west down the 105, I hear, before I see through my rear view mirror, a gang of about 15 motor bikers  approaching. Scattered throughout the Freeway, they are passing us vehicle drivers one by one—demanding attention—bringing with them an air of bondage, freedom, fury, and passion—the Valkyries have unleashed.

As they pass me by, the engine roars fading out and cueing in, I notice their uniform red leather jackets, bearing the same insignia on the backside. I am driving on the far left, next to the carpool lane.

One of the bikers slows down at about my one o’clock. Immediately I notice his cut torso under his t-shirt, his golden tan, and dirty blond hair. His rightt hand is on the handle, and the left one fist-ed, resting on his thigh. He turns and looks at me—scoping out the driver of my convertible white BMW. He is not wearing a helmet, his shiny goggles shielding his eyes.

He does a double take, then looks back at his gang, sending a head signal. With an outstretched arm, he cautions and slows me down, chaperoning the entrance of his ring. The entire scene is way cool and hot! Little do I know what I am in for.

They have claimed ownership of the freeway, along with everyone’s attention. Three bikers pass me by one after another, at warp speed, and move into my lane. The fourth one glides in front of me, 10 feet ahead. He lifts the bike up into the air— vertical— and rides at 80 mph on one tire, for a good 80 seconds, if not more.

It bites me to the bone . . . I am frozen. So mortally excited I start to pray. My entire attention locked on the rider. I am, with all my being, my will and my soul, holding and protecting him from falling down. I am bemused! In complete prayer for life, for his life.

I slow down, increasing the distance between us, calculating the how, and how fast I have to maneuver, should he fall off his bike and offer his life into my hands. The biker to my right follows through—he lifts the bike vertical, then lifts both his feet up onto the seat, and as if that is not dangerous enough, he lifts both his legs up into the air, forming a V—a victorious face off to life, and death.

Perspiration is dripping down my temple as I glide through traffic on this hot California afternoon towards the exit, barely missing it. As I exit the freeway, I take one last look and admire one last lift-off into oblivion.