Outside Looking In

Carla Golian, 2017, oil on canvas, 40 x 50 cm

Passes by, passing me by,
I watch, as the train goes by.
Hoping it’s not my life,
Passing me by.

Sitting on the outside, looking in.

A couple of days after I drew up a sketch for this painting, on August 11,  a train traveling from Cairo crashed into another in Port Said in Alexandria. It was an unfortunate tragic accident. Goes to show that sometimes, it’s not so bad being on the outside looking in.

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The Light in the Storm

In the circus of my chaos
It is everything but funny, to me.
Stormy, aye…
Dark and desolate, as we expect misery to be.

Yet still, and especially now,
the ultimate expression of the divine manifests,
The Light shines…
Shinning through the storm, the dark and the wind.
Rays of hope and faith,
Beauty and love.

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